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The Weekly Messenger

Tracey here,

As many of you know, George and I have been sequestered here at the family sanctuary in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains. Amongst George's old, old Esquire Magazines and dog-eared copies of summer reading from his college days like Siddhartha and Whitman's musings from Walden, I found an old interview with Bradley Cooper. You ladies might join me in a little flutter of adolescent crushing. You guys might think, "Yeah, I'd hang out with him." I read a quote that stopped me in my tracks. I left the magazine face up on the counter and the same quote jumped off the page to George. It rang so true to us both that we had to share it with you. Let it sink in.

I want to realize Brad Cooper. Fully and Irrevocably!"

Bradley Cooper, Actor, Activist, Director

Hmmmmmmm. Can you relate to that? What would you be doing if you knew your were realizing yourself - fully and irrevocably?

Powerful stuff. We feel as though each day we do our "God-work" - as we call it - we take steps in that direction. It's our honor, privilege and calling to help you do the same. Thank you for the ongoing opportunity!

Gadget Porn

We love this little microphone. It's small, works great and takes a beating. For the $15 (give or take) pricetag, this microphone performs incredibly well. I'm not sure what we'll all do with the new iPhone 7 with no earphone/mic jack, but in the meantime, this little guy/gal works great! We use it with both the iPhone 6 and the 6 plus and with one OR two people and get reliably good sound quality.

Learn More

Quoteable, Tweetable, Shareable...

Ashley Graham - Real. Pretty. Shattering convention everywhere she goes, model Ashley Graham is being hailed as a pioneer for women's body image, acceptance and self esteem. Acknowledged as Sports Illustrated's first "plus-sized" swimsuit model, she's been both exalted and torn down. The path of the messenger played out on the international stage. What do you think?

What we're up to...

It's the final stretch as we return to L.A. from the gorgeous Adirondacks and make final preparations for the Speak With Soul Experience at the end of the month! We leave The Lake as the autumn colors begin to burst! As the season changes and the excitement of Halloween is right around the corner, our excitement for our most immersive live experience builds, too!

The early bird pricing ends Saturday, so we'll see a flurry of ticket sales and then our final push. If you know anyone who would benefit from a deeper dive into their message, a loving environment to practice sharing it in, and a whole lot of tools for maintaining a high vibration, or even someone who desires an amazing transformative experience, please tell them about Speak With Soul.

We are hosting live-streams frequently to answer questions about the event. You can either forward this entire email or share this link with them.

If they jump on the opportunity, they still have a day or two to save $500 on this fun, absolutely wonderful and awakening experience. A "Soul-Clearing Call", a live, virtual Get Your Talk Done! bootcamp and 3 and a half days of live, supportive, encouraging, practice with us!


Did you know...

Geneticists are creating a bio-identical substance that mimics Rhinoceros protein. The intent is to flood the market with this substance to drive the cost of black-market (poached) Rhino horn down, thus eliminating the incentive to kill these amazing creatures!

Learn More Here

Messenger tip...

Keep this in mind when you share your message. Remembering your "roots" will help you muster the courage!

Your video will be live here!

Parting Thought...

"The exploration is optional. You can always have the pain creep up behind you, sabotage your every effort, and pretend it's someone else' fault."

See you next week!
Bye for now,
George and Tracey

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